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I see where lowered standards are coming from

Sit around any police department or fire house and I am sure eventually you will hear someone talk about how rookies today are not as good as years ago. Funny thing is I bet when the old timers were rookies, they also were looked down on by the senior worker at that time. Yet I am seeing some trends with our newer employees and this last week I found where it is coming from.

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Police save more people than they kill

Last night I was watching some talking head on the news saying that police have stopped protecting as in the old adage of Protect and Serve. So I decided to run some numbers. Now I can't speak for the full USA but here in my community we saved people, with out killing anyone!

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Happy Birthday to RescueHumor

Today (January 4) is the anniversary of the first posting on RescueHumor.com. Eleven years ago on January 4, 2004 I clicked upload on a program called Dreamwaever and a few minutes later a new web page was live. At that ...

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