About Us

RescueHumor is a web site dedicated to showcasing the entertaining things about public safety, both on and off duty. It is a reminder that not all in this world is bad… Sometimes there is some fun also.

I am your host RJ. I am a police officer in a modest size city someplace in Wisconsin. I also am involved as a Volunteer Firefighter. At one time I considered becoming an EMT for our cities Ambulance and have worked a few shifts on the Ambulance, as a driver. Thus I truly am and do call my self Ambulance Driver.

Rescue Humor was started when I got sick of receiving the same email forwards of funny photos from all my fellow police, fire and EMS buddies. I got the idea to have people send me the photos and I would post them to a blog. This way we were all not getting the same photos over and over via email. Next thing I know my buddies are sharing the address of this blog with other public safety workers from out side our city and in other states.

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***Please Note***

This page does not represent the views of the department I currently work for or any past department I once worked for. Nor are my views representative of all my brothers and sisters in Public Safety. Every department/every city/every state, has different laws and different policy, so don’t take anything here as Gospel. Also this site has the name HUMOR in the title so assume most of the items here are posted not for educational value, they are posted for entertainment value.

***Please note #2***

RJ is Dyslexic so if/when you find a spelling/grammer error just let it be, getting all high and mighty in pointing the errors to him… is like pointing out to a midgit how short they are.