Bosch series starts at the end of the week!

On Friday February 13, 2015 Amazon will start airing an original TV series called Bosch. It is based on the Michael Connelly’s best-selling novels that feature detective Harry Bosch.

If you have not read the novels let me take a second to introduce you to Bosh. He is an LAPD detective who years ago caught a lucky break on an important serial killer case. Hollywood paid him some cash to turn his story into a movie so he lives alone in a home no other cop could ever afford. This case is not in any of the books, it is just something mentioned from time to time.

Due to his Hollywood income Bosch does not completely care about pissing the bosses at work off. He works not because he needs the money, he works because he loves solving the crime. As such he has an attitude that tends to get him into trouble. There constantly seems to be the cloud of Internal Affairs investigations hanging over Bosch.

Last year Amazon announced they would be making a series that will stream on Prime Video based on the Bosch novels. Michael Connelly himself have been very active in the developing of the show so it should be good.

The only problem I can see is that on Feb 13 the full first season will be available to watch via Amazon Prime. Meaning someone like me binge watching it will then be stuck waiting who knows how long before more episodes get made.

They showed the pilot episode and it is still able to be streamed. I liked it and can’t wait till next Friday to check out what happens next…

Until then check out the trailer below