Europe thinking about arming more cops

Being that I work in Law Enforcement I have a pro-police slant. Also it is safe to assume I am pro gun. Seeing how I am not a SWAT cop, guns and tactics are not a daily focus here on this blog. But there is a gun related story that should be talked about.

In the wake of various incidents in Europe, many police forces are looking at giving more police officers firearms. For anyone not aware in some parts of Europe many patrol officers don’t carry firearms. Only specially trained veteran officers are issued firearms. Meaning violent calls only have a limited pool of on duty cops available to respond.

According to a few articles coming off the Associated Press police agencies are looking to arm the unarmed police. In addition police are looking at giving officers armed with only pistols the ability to access rifles.

I find this very interesting due to the gun arguments I have seen at community meetings. At more that one community meeting I have witnessed people say our police need to be more like the European cops. One lady went so far as to say something along the line of “I feel safer when I travel to England than I do here in the US. Their cops don’t have guns, so their criminal don’t need guns for defense from the police.”

Just think about that one for a second… she thinks criminals have guns for protection from cops!

Am I the only one who thinks here view of society is warped? Even more troubling is the people who agree and share that same view point.

I would love to hear the reactions from people if/when our brothers and sisters on the side of the ocean start to carry more often.