Happy Birthday to RescueHumor

Today (January 4) is the anniversary of the first posting on RescueHumor.com. Eleven years ago on January 4, 2004 I clicked upload on a program called Dreamwaever and a few minutes later a new web page was live.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 10.23.55 AM

This is what RescueHumor looked like on day 1

At that time all I was posting was silly photos and jokes related to Police, Fire and EMS. RescueHumor was born out of an issue with our city IT department. The computer geeks were upset that we kept forwarding emails around to each other. Emails that were silly photos and jokes.

So I decided to set up a little web page. I assumed it would just be for me local friends and a few select others. But with in a few months I was getting emails from people all over the English speaking world.

It seemed other cities had IT departments that did not enjoy employees forwarding the same photos over and over to each other. For the most part it was nothing but word of mouth. Guys I knew told people they knew about it and so on.

There have been ups and downs doing this. I changed cities I worked for and have been promoted. Trends in online social media have come and gone (Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc…)

Overall it has been fun and I look forward to keeping doing this for more years to come.