Do you want justice? Do you want Accountability? Or do you just seek revenge?

I have typed this post and deleted it over a dozen times in the last few days. The killing of Officers in Dallas had my hand hovering over the keyboard with tears in my eyes. Finally, now I am ready to say what I need to say.

Officers killed a man the other day, actually, two men were killed. One in Minnesota and one in Lousiana. We don’t know the facts in these cases yet. All we know is some poorly filmed cellphone video that only shows a small segment of the event. However, these snippets, these incompletely formed views showing only part of the whole have become the narrative of the event.

Based on limited information bloggers and social justice seekers have ignited a wave of protests. For police in Dallas, one protest ended multiple murders. Police officers tasked to protect the people protesting aginst the police, were killed doing their duty of making sure the protest took place… ironic if you take a second to think about it.

Reading about police shooting citizens, I keep seeing the same theme. Social Justice leaders are saying how they will not rest till the police are held accountable for the killings. At only a few hours after the incident when few facts are known the officers involved in the shootings are already assumed to have acted in an illegal manner. The cops are now guilty until proven innocent. However even when police are proven innocent protestors get into an uproar.

The mantra for many is “No Justice No Peace”.

But what is justice? In many past cases, the lawyers (people who went to law school so know the laws) have said the shooting was justified. Juries have also ruled in favor of the police. Facts, not knee jerk reactions show when the officer did was right, or wrong.

But when the mantra is “No Justice No Peace”, it makes you wonder. Do these Social Justice leaders care about the facts? In their mind, the cops are guilty and will never ever be proven innocent. Meaning if cops don’t go to jail the system failed. But what if the police, in the end, are justified?

What seems to be forgotten is that Justice and Accountability come with FACTS.

They are calling for any cop who has ever shot someone to go to jail. This is not a call for accountability. It is seeking revenge.

For some, that idea of revenge was to attack Dallas police and commit acts of premeditated MURDER.

Rest in peace brothers…