Bosch Season 3 sneak preview.

I always loved to read. However, police mystery type novels were never my thing. I was mostly into SciFi type books. Maybe even a military thriller like what Tom Clancy writes. But never true mystery.

In my mind I work as a cop, why would I want to read about cops. Then on a road trip, a friend gave me a copy of The Black Echo. I did not have anything to read, and he had just finished reading it. I was hooked and next thing I knew I started reading over other mystery novels also.

Two years ago Amazon Prime started using Bosch novels for a TV show. I was disappointed The Black Echo was not used. Now for season three they are using that story, and I am thrilled. Check out the preview below.

Over the years I had also wanted to write a book. Being a lover of SciFi I tried a few times to write a space drama. It never worked. But after reading a few dozen mystery books I decided maybe I should try my hand a writing what I know, police work.

In October 2015 my first novel, Fire Cop, was published. In some respects it is the fact I read the first Bosch novel that got me to actually write a book. So now I am super excited for 2017 to see it on television.