My second novel coming soon and the story behind it

People are sometimes surprised to find out that in addition to working in Law Enforcement and posting stuff on social media I am an author. My first novel, titled Fire Cop, came out in October of 2015. This week my second novel will be released on Wednesday, April 26th.

The first book came about after being injured off-duty. Bored with little else to do I started typing away. There had always been this bucket list dream to publish a real book. So being stuck at home I decided to see if it could be fulfilled.

Completing that book and getting it published ignited a fire in me to keep at it. So I started work on a few ideas. Eventually, these ideas turned into what comes out this week titled, Cops and Stalkers.

Cops and Stalker

Cops and Stalkes

My new book is a complete work of fiction. However, early in the story is a scene that has some close ties to a real call I responded to.

The real call was a suicide of an acquaintance of mine. He was the co-worker of a friend. I had met him socially only once or twice. Ironically he moved into the apartment of an ex-girlfriend of mine after she had moved away. He committed suicide right before Christmas. It was odd seeing him dead on his floor. A person I knew dead by their own hand, in an apartment I had spent a fair amount of time in.

That call bugged me at a small level. So I imagined a number of “what if” scenarios about the scene. One of these scenarios involved a stalker accidently killing and then staging the scene to look like a suicide.

Years later I sat thinking about a second book and I realized that “what if” scenario could make an interesting plot. What if a serial stalker/rapist accidently killed a victim and staged the scene as a suicide? What if that criminal now became thrilled with killing and intentionally started to kill his next victims.

Would the officer assume the scene was a suicide as it was staged to look like? How long would it take the department realize the stalker had now turned into a killer?

If you want to find out consider checking out Cops and Stalkers when it comes out on April, 26. It is specially priced during pre-order for only $2.99.