Goodbye 2015… The RescueHumor year end recap

As I type this we are only a few hours into 2016. Overall I would say this has been a good year. Hopefully, you also can think back on 2015 with more positives than negatives.

This year professionally started off okay. At the end of 2014, I found out I would not be getting a promotion at work. Which was actually a good thing as I did not want to be chained to a desk, I like being out doing “real” work. However, the guy who got the promotion happened to have been a close friend. He is now my supervisor and our new relationship of boss/subordinate got off to a real rocky start. Today things are better, but I will admit there was a time I thought about applying at some other departments in the area.

My fitness journey had some unexpected developments. Here in Wisconsin, there will be new fitness standards to get into the police academy and also to exit the academy. In the past, each PD could set their own standard. Now we have a state minimum standard, but PDs are allowed to raise the bar to a higher level if they want. With standardised scores, the tests need to be administrated in a standardised way. Meaning officers need training and certification to conduct fitness test.

Our new Logo

Our new Logo

So over the last year, my agency sent me to the Cooper Institute and to FitForce for police fitness coaching certifications. Also, my local CrossFit box hosted multiple coaching classes. As hosts they got to allow a few members to take the classes for free, I was by the owner if I wanted to attend them. The owner also asked me to work part-time for him leading some of the group workouts. Three years ago I decided to get back in shape, now

As it relates to RescueHumor only a few changes here. I teamed up with Rhett from Engine Company Apparel to make a new logo for me. That logo is already on our Facebook page and soon will be up here on the Web Page. Also, soon here in 2016 Rhett will have some t-shirts and maybe even a patch or challenge coin for RescueHumor for sale.

FireCop Cover art

FireCop Cover art

Otherwise, the only thing of note was the release of my first professionally published novel. The book is titled Fire Cop. It is a fictional story about a police officer who sets fire to drug dealer’s homes as a way to get rid of a local drug problem. As one reviewer said “The characters are solid and the story line is something new I haven’t seen before. I couldn’t help but root for the arsonist at times, couldn’t even guess at how it all would end.” You can find it on Amazon, Smashwords, Barns and Noble, iBooks and many other places books are sold.

My second novel is almost done. Although a conversation with author friend caused me to make a major change to the story requiring massive re-write of almost a third of the text. I was hoping the publisher could have it out in late 2016, but where I am at right now 2017 is more likely for when the second book comes out.

For 2016, I don’t have any big goals or resolutions. My plan is to keep working on the path I set for myself a few years back. Maintain where I am at related to health and fitness. Keep writing, maybe try to write a tad more. Show a positive attitude and be someone others respect.

Wishing you all a Happy and Safe 2016!