The future is today

Great Scott! Today is the day Marty McFly arrived in the future.

Back to the FutureBack to the Future two came out in 1989. I was fourteen at the time. Thinking back the idea of flying cars and hover board seemed like a reasonable future. Although I look at some of the idiot drivers my officer’s deal with and think maybe flying cars is not a good idea.

Not looking to do a cliche rehash of an article a ton of blogs are doing, “What Back to the Future Predicted about 2015″… yeah, Cubs baseball fans we will see how that one turns out…

What I want to talk about is where do you think we will be in our future. Twenty-five years ago we imagined the world with some fantastic technology. Some of it is somewhat real, and some of it is not even close. Think about twenty-five years from now what will we see?

Do you believe that we will discover new textiles able to make lighter weight uniforms and PPE able to protect us from gunfire, stabbings, and heat?

Will we have glasses or even contact lenses giving us a heads-up-display so we can read computer aided dispatch info without looking down at a computer?

Could we develop some kind of hyper-compressed flame retardant and drone delivery vehicle to make remote controlled interior fire attacks without the need for water?

The one I would love to see is some kind of suite like “Iron Man” so all our police, fire and maybe even EMS would have super strength and be carrying an array of specialized tools.

What about you? What technology would you like to see for public safety in the future?