RJ’s Advice to the Pizza Guy…

Please do not take this little tale as a complaint… it is just me sharing a story that should make you shake your head and smile.

So tonight I decided to order in a Pappa John’s pizza. About twenty minutes after placing my order I get a phone call from a number I did not recognize and was not in my area code. Being that it is close to election time I assumed the call was some political pre-recorded call due to the fact I seem to be getting them a lot this last week so I do not answer it.

Once the phone stops ringing no message is left. But seconds later the phone rings again, the same number as before. So this time I answer.

“Hey I need to bring you a pizza but I don’t know how to get to your address.”

Slightly dumbfounded I ask “What?”

“You ordered a pizza… right?”

“Yes I did”

“Well my GPS is broken so you need to give me directions if you want it”

Seriously the pizza guy needs a GPS to find addresses?!? This is a major chain pizza joint that has five locations in our city. The delivery people should know all the streets in the small little zone his store covers.

Is the art of map reading coming to an end? Has GPS made us this lazy?

Later when he was on my doorstep I commented about him needing a map. He tells me “why buy that when I have a GPS”. I did not bother to reply to that moronic statement.

In my squad car, I still have a small binder with maps of the city and the townships around the city. All are laminated and have a system to look up street names and find them quickly on the actual map. I don’t use GPS at work… the few times I don’t know where a call is I am able to look it up in seconds.

In all actually, I think I can look up a location on a map faster than typing it into a GPS system.

Call me a curmudgeon but I am actually thinking about buying some maps and mailing a letter to the Pappa Johns manager asking him to give the maps to his drivers.