Surgery follow up appointment, all is OK I guess…

Followers of my blog should be aware that I had a little injury that needed surgery 2 weeks ago. Well today I had my post operation follow up appointment with the doctor.

Get well meme

Get well meme

What can I say; I am not thrilled with his prognosis.

Overall I feel fine. Yes I still have some tenderness from the incision, but it does not hurt all the time.

He however thinks that the swelling had not gone down enough. Meaning when before the surgery he said I was looking at 4-6 weeks for recovery, today he told me it will be that full 6 week recovery time. So here I am 2 weeks into that recovery and looking at being off work for 4 more weeks.

I have a lifting restriction of 20lbs till the end of the first week in September. Our policy is that I cannot work till I am restriction free.

On a positive note he did say that I could start to work out. But only if I go SLOWLY.

This week I am allowed to go jogging or a bike ride.

Next week I can go back to my Crossfit box, but have to only do body weight exercise. If after a few body weight workouts I feel good then he said I could use up to fifteen pounds of weight for workouts.

On the way home I stopped by the Box I work out at. In talking to the owner he told me I am not the first person to need heavily modified WODs. He actually seems to enjoy the idea of creating a workout that mirrors what everyone else is doing, but is within the doctors restrictions.

So my hopes of a 4-week recovery are dashed… but it could be worse… right…