One Week after surgery and doing well.

Last week I mentioned how I had surgery. In my posting I explained that getting into see the surgeon was a bit of a headache. But here I am now a week after surgery and feeling like the road to recovery will be a quick one.

Hernia SurgeryIt was a simple outpatient hernia repair so I was home by noon last Tuesday. The nurse gave me an ice pack telling me to use it over the wound on and off for the next two days. Soon after getting home I just crashed out in bed for a few hours.

That night I had Chipotle for diner. Not the best post surgery meal I know, but it is my favorite place to eat. I figured that I needed to eat and did not have any appetite so by getting something I loved eating it would not feel like forcing myself.

That first night I did not sleep so well. So Wednesday I took it easy. Basically kept in bed watching movies on Netflix, doing stuff on the laptop and sleeping. By the end of the day I was feeling cooped up, so I took a walk down my street and back.

Over the next few days I felt better and better. Started to take less and less pain pills. Now I am no doctor, but I assumed that I have a bunch of muscle that needs healing. As such each afternoon I used a post-work out recovery shake for a snack. If it helps build up muscle after a Crossfit workout, it should help after surgery… right?

Monday we had a staff meeting/training about some new software we are getting. I was told I did not need to be at. But I was sick of being stuck at home so I showed up for it.

So here I sit today. I am still on lifting restriction so I can’t go on duty at all. I feel very close to 100%, but I know I am not. If I twist or move just right I still feel pain/soreness. I also notice how physically tired I get way too quickly.

Next week I go back to see the doctor for the follow up exam. I was told at the follow up the doctor would make a determination about how long he would keep me on the lifting restriction. Initially he said 4-6 weeks.

Right now I am hoping it is closer to 4 weeks. Sick of sitting around doing nothing.

Don’t worry… until then I am taking it easy and being smart about letting my body