I will always get out of my car

#IWillAlwaysGetOutOfMyCarOn July 5, 2014 Officer Perry Renn was killed in the line of duty. He was murdered responding to a “man with a gun” call.

The family of Renn’s killer had the audacity to say the officer would be alive today if only he stayed in his car. They actually think that the officer should have ignored the 911 call and just minded his own business.

As a sign of support for their fallen officer Indianapolis Metropolitan Police started a campaign “I will Always Get out of my car”. IMPD wants the street gangs and the criminals to know that when the good citizens call 911 the police will come.

Now that campaign is catching on nation wide. Sarasota, FL posted this video of solidarity.

Please pass this along and show your support with the hashtag #IWillAlwaysGetOutOfMyCar