Dash cam shows LEO in a Charger chases down McLaren sports car at 155MPH

The below dash camera footage shows an Alpharetta, GA Department of Public Safety officer chasing a McLaren driving over 155MPH.

According to the department

While one of our officers was traveling on Ga. 400 early Sunday morning, she noticed a McLaren sports car fly past her. She clocked the vehicle which reached speeds as high as 155 mph. Our officer activated her emergency equipment and attempted to try to pull the vehicle over. After several miles of traveling at dangerous speeds, our officers was about to call off the chase when suddenly the vehicle came to a very abrupt stop with heavy smoke coming from the vehicle’s brake pads.

Our officer approached the vehicle and noticed the driver’s eyes appeared to be glassy. She also noticed a strong smell of alcohol on his breath.

After failing a field sobriety test, the driver was taken to jail for DUI, speeding, failing to maintain lane and driving with an expired tag.

Thank goodness no one got hurt.

Attached is the unedited dash-cam video.

Before making comments about this being a policy violation remember every agency has their own policy about chase and speeds.