Weirdest Ways People Got Stuck and How They Were Rescued

It is always an awkward and embarrassing moment to literally get yourself stuck in something. From getting squished in a doorframe to having a hand stuck in a jar, we’ve all been there. People have found all kinds of crazy ways and places to get themselves stuck. At least some on this list can be blamed on childhood hijinks, but others cannot.


Kid Gets His Head Stuck in Chair

It all started with a game of make-believe. Two fourth-graders decided to pretend to be some of their favorite Star Wars characters. The kid who got the role of Anakin Skywalker decided to put his head through the hole in the back of the school chair that was available to him. Why he decided to do this is only known to his own mind. However, before he could stop himself and think this one through, he had his head fully jammed. According to Planet Dolan, paramedics had to literally hacksaw him out of the chair situation.


Politician Gets Stuck on Zip Line

Boris Johnson is well known for stunts in general, but they are usually of the political variety. During the 2012 Olympic games in London, he decided he would perform an actual stunt on a zip line. He tried to ride across one while wearing the colors of the British flag. This was meant to be a celebration of the first gold metal that the British one in the London games. However, he ended up getting stuck halfway across. It was not really his fault, but it was still awkward for everyone watching. Perhaps he should leave these types of stunts to the professionals.


Hiding Naked in A Washer

This one could have ended up as a classic prank, but instead just made the would-be pranker look like a fool. An Australian man thought it would be funny to hide fully nude in the washing machine in his house. He thought he could startle his wife and get a good laugh out of it. Perhaps he would even videotape it and have a viral sensation on his hands. However, it was not to be. Instead, the man got himself literally stuck in the machine, and that was all she wrote.

Emergency services had to come to his home and use olive oil and lube to help get him out of the washer. You can bet they had a few laughs at his expense as well. What should have been a prank on his wife ended up being a prank on himself.


Rescue workers, paramedics, and firemen are usually called to the embarrassing scenes of people getting stuck and it can actually cost a lot of money in medical bills. Getting stuck is not an unusual circumstance, but one that is usually easily avoided. Next time you find yourself battling an impulse between a small space and your own body, think twice!