I am just a cop

I am just a cop

Actors play me as a hero in movies making millions
Then do interviews calling me an evil thug

Citizens bitch about my speed when seeing me race to a call someplace else
Then complain I took to long when responding to their home

The news media questioned why I used a gun versus TASER last week
This week they question if my TASER is excessive use of force

Network TV shows depict me as the good guy in Prime Time to sell advertising
Network News shows depict me as the enemy during news hour to sell advertising

Lawmakers call for me to have more training at election time
Then slash my budget taking away training money at tax time

Parents call me to “scare” their kids into behaving and following the law
Later they call me to complain I arrested their kids who “never” get in trouble

Neighbors tell me they respect me and could never do my job
In that same conversation, they tell me what I do wrong and how to better do my job

Society elects officials to enact laws for me to enforce
Yet society blames for laws they feel are unfair

Protestors advocate for violence against me
At a protest where I am protecting them from the violence of others

Community members ask me to sacrifice my life in the service of others
They then complain when my funeral procession disrupts traffic

City Hall expects me to give up time with my family to work extra
But City Hall then complains about my overtime earnings

My management asks me to charge into the face of danger and stress
The same management ignores my PTSD or other stress illnesses

I am just a cop…

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