Book Review: True Grift

Grift is a swindle or a scam. In the novel True Grift, there are many scams going on and it makes for a story where you need to keep reading to find out what happens next.

TScreen Shot 2015-10-29 at 6.59.29 PMhe main plot is about a lawyer, JT, who is down on his luck. The kind of guy using one credit card to pay the other credit card hoping sometime soon a big case will come his way. At the same time Al, an insurance agent finds his company is being sold to some other insurance company. To keep his job he needs to move, but he in underwater on his mortgage.

The two guys know each other from golfing. One day the hatch a plan create an insurance fraud injury case. They convince Mack, the golf course greens keeper, to be part of the plan. Mack is not too smart, so he messes with the plan.

At the golf course is also a local bookie for an organized crime family. The bookie catches wind of the fraud and demands to be cut in on the action.

The plan morphs into a new larger plan in hopes of getting a bigger payday. Everyone has an angle and their agenda. Trying to figure out who in the end will make off okay and who will be screwed over is way more enjoyable than it should be.

I always have loved the books by Elmore Leonard. Where an underdog criminal is like a hero for the story. Leonard is no longer with us, but Jack Bunker has captured that same tone. For the longest time, I have been waiting for a good story like this one.

True Grift has a number of supporting characters. Each one provides more depth to the con central to the story. It is not like some stories chalked so fun of people you can’t keep up with who is who. They play a good role and in the end help tie up some loose ends.

The book goes on sale November 3, 2016. I would highly suggest picking up a copy.

A free copy of this novel was provided via NetGalley for an unbias review

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