Book Recommendation: El Camino Del Rio

Originally published in 1998 El Camino Del Rio is now being rereleased by Brash Books. The folks at Brash specialise in crime fiction, both new stories and items that are classics which have fallen out of print. This book is one of those classics Brash is bringing back.

El Camino Del Rio Cover

El Camino Del Rio Cover

The story is set along the US, Mexico border. Dolph Martinez is an agent with the US border patrol when he discovers a group of illegals well inside the US. While dealing with this group some vultures catch his eye, so does a dead body. The dead man is holding a glass vial with, for lack of a better description, holy water in it.

Dolph was once shot by a drug runner and a local holy woman gave him a similar vial of holy water. This kicks off an investigation that takes Agent Martinez to both sides of the border dealing with a cast of ethically questionable people.

The story is just as applicable today as it was in 1998. Our border is full of holes allowing drugs, guns and people to pass illegally. Even issues with corruption with officials is an issue we still see today. This book could be set in the modern time, if not for a few minor descriptions of technology.

The main characters Dolph is an interesting guy to follow. He is not a complete lone wolf, yet he has points of working better without his team. The guy lives at a failing resort hotel that has become a flop house apartment for lost soles. Which makes Dolph an ethically indifferent person as the owner brings prostitutes into the resort, women Dolph even spends time with.

The overall story was a page turner. There were points action mixed in at regular intervals to keep engaged and wondering if everyone would be making it to the end. So if you are looking for something to add to your reading list El Camino Del Rio is something you need to check out.