Book Recommendation- Sabotage: Beginnings (Savage Souls MC)

Retired Police chief turned author Scott (LS) Silverii has released a prequel novel to the books in the Savage Souls MC series. Sabotage: Beginnings is an interesting mix of both military thriller with a splash of a suspenseful revenge tale.

Sabotage Cover

Sabotage Cover

The plot revolves around Justice Boudreaux. A former Army delta force operative turned CIA assassin. Boudreaux is teamed up with an Israeli operative named Batya. The two are trying to track down a rogue CIA operative named Ben Ford. At the same time, Ford is on his own mission to locate Osama Bin Laden. Yes, the story is set a few years in the past.

Ford’s hunt for Bin Laden is brutal. He is a killing machine willing to torture and desecrate people in order to get information. Boudreaux is in a difficult spot fighting aginst insurgents, corrupt local police, and his target Ben Ford.

Eventually, Boudreaux comes home to the USA and the book fast forwards a few years. Justice is married and has a small child. He is no longer with the CIA and out of the blue Justice find himself the target of a CIA assassin. It seems some in the agency think Boudreaux is a loose end needing to be tied up.

In response to the CIA hunting him, Boudreaux goes off the grid. Eventually joining the Savage Souls Motorcycle Club. With the help of his biker gang brothers, Boudreaux goes on the offensive to stop the assassin hunting him.

Overall the story was very good. There are some brutal descriptions of killings and torture. Chief Silverii has an interesting way with words to describe violence. He also knows how to end a chapter on the cliffhanger, causing the reader to want to read just a few more pages to find out what happens next.

This book was not my normal reading. I tend to go for standard mystery and police procedural type thrillers. However, I am glad to have read this. Anyone reading this would likely also find Sabotage: Beginnings a worthwhile book to check out.

*A free pre-publication copy of this book was provided by the author for an unbias review