Book Review: Time’s Up

Debut author Janey Mack has written a novel that keeps the action and suspense moving so you keep the pages turning in Time’s Up. According to her author bio she always wanted to be a police officer but he family would not let her. So now she writes about police.

Cover of Time's Up

Cover of Time’s Up

In this story Maisie McGrane is in the police academy. Unfortunately for Maisie she fails a test and is kicked out of the academy. The McGrane family in the story all works in Criminal Justice. Dad is a police officer, mom is a lawyer. Her siblings are both a mix of lawyers and cops, including homicide detectives.

Family members pull some strings and get Maisie a job working parking enforcement, as in meter maid. Now she is not on patrol looking for crime, she is on patrol looking for parking violations. Her police dream morphed into nightmare.

You can tell the author had a desire to work as a police officer. There were details in some aspects of the story that most authors miss. Yes there were some things that are not normal procedures, but overall she did a good job describing police work. She also got the humor and the family dynamic right.

As a matter of fact the humor kept the story fresh. In addition there are just the right number of twists to keep the plot moving forward.

The cover notes this as a “Maisie McGrane Mystery”, meaning this promises to be a series of books. I could see myself reading more books by Janey Mack if her next book in the series is as good as Time’s Up was.

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