Police Week and the silent majority

Over the past few months bashing of the police has become the acceptable practice dejuor. Those of us in police work aware that most citizen support us, or at least tolerate us, but it seems the vocal minority of cop hate has the stage.

The silence coming from the pro-police people is almost deafening. Talking to coworkers many make a comment about not wanting to watch the news, read a paper, or are keeping away from social media.

This week is National Police week. I have a challenge for all of you…

Say or do something to show support for the police.

This challenge is even for people working in police work, support our brothers and sisters.

Let me share a little personal example as to why I am asking for your support. On Friday here in Wisconsin we had a ceremony at the Wisconsin police memorial located at the state capital building. An old acquaintance of mine put out a somewhat rude message on social media.

“Seems silly to screw up traffic and make parking impossible just to have a bunch of squad cars fill up downtown”

This acquaintance is someone who was in a club with me in college. A good number of people we share as friends from this club are police officers and many are also in Fire/EMS work. I was the only one to comment on his posting. I simply put a link to the news story about the memorial ceremony taking place and added “there is a good reason so many police are in town today”.

Soon enough he posts a long rant about how all the cops killed on duty got big oversized funeral services as a memorial. These funerals are attended by police in squad cars from all over the state. So a ceremony each year at the capital is in his words “superfluous”. He asks how much of his tax dollars need to be wasted on gas, food, and travel time so some dead person can have multiple memorial services. The icing on the cake was him saying “don’t want to die in the line of duty, don’t take a job like cop where people shoot at you”.

A couple of guys added some comments showing support for this anti-cop feeling. Not one person made a pro-police statement, besides me. Again we have friends in common who are police or who are in Fire/EMS. Yet none of them showed support for our fellow public safety workers.

The silence hurts.

So this week I ask you to try an break that silence. Say something pro-police. You don’t have to pick a verbal fight online, just point out that statistically speaking cops are good people trying to do good for their communities.