Great ideas for Police / Fire / EMS Pranks…

Pranks are an age old tradition in the for anyone working Police, fire and EMS. The other day we asked on our Facebook page what some of the best pranks you ever pulled were. Here are the top 5 answers…

#1. Gain access to a buddies squad car (or Ambulance) and spray peppery spray down all the vents. The turn up the AC to max with the fans on high. When your buddy puts the key in the ignition and turns on the vehicle… BAM they get cabin filled with OC with much of it likely hitting them in the face. Bonus: if this gets recorded on a dash camera or body camera

#2. Spike the squad-room or firehouse kitchen coffee pot with Miralax. It is a safe, yet very effective, laxative. Anyone drinking coffee will find themselves needing to make a bee line for the toilet. Bonus: if you get multiple people needing the toilet at the same time.

#3. 20% Benzocaine spray (topical anesthetic) on a toothbrush or the lip of a coffee cup. Marvel in the splendor as their lower face goes numb, speech gets slurred and drooling starts. Bonus: if member of the public asks if officer/FF/EMT is drunk.

#4. Go into the department weight room. Glue a bunch of the weights in the weight stack on machine together. Watch as someone sets the weight to a normal to low weight but is in fact lifting a much higher weight. Bonus: if they move the pin to a lower weight and try again multiple times.

#5. Create a realistic letter from the City Attorney informing a co-worker they need to appear in traffic court on a day you know they are off schedule and have plans. Bonus: if you actually have court that day and get to see them sit in court and realize they canceled plans and wasted an off-day for nothing.

Folks remember today is April 1… as in April fools day… please don’t try any of these pranks as they could cause injury or get someone fired.