Book Review: Totally Dead

Tottaly-DeadI just finished up a book that is totally great, called Totally Dead. This novel by Michael Stone is about a private investigator in Denver that finds himself acting more like a body guard than investigator.

In the story a guy by the name Streeter works for as investigator/bounty hunter. As the book starts he is just wrapping up doing some investigative work for a defense attorney. His work with the client draws the attention of a local restaurant owner who also happens to be the client’s grandfather.

Al, the Grandfather, owns a number of successful pizza joints in Denver and one of the locations is in a prime spot for a new development. When Al refuses to sell to the developers they hire some local criminals to scare Al into selling.

Streeter is hired by Al to look into who is trying to force him into selling and also to provide some protection.

One of the local criminals hired to scare Al is also involved in different criminal operation dealing with stolen cars. A second group of out of town criminals is contracted to commit an armed robbery at an after hours poker game Al hosts from time to time.

With out giving to much away Streeter eventually finds about the car theft operation and figures out who the robbers are. Naturally some of the criminals will turn on each other. In addition Streeter uses his knowledge of the players to shape events also.

As a police officer I have to say that when reading this book many of the criminal characters reminded me of dirtbags in my community. According to the author’s bio Mr. Stone spent time as a private investigator, which shows in the descriptions and actions of this story. He truly nails it with how these guys act as only someone who has dealt first hand with them would.

So if you are looking for a good book with a few twists to keep you excited and realistic characters pick up Totally Dead when it comes out on February 2, 2015.

Note, a free review copy of this novel was provided by the publisher via the NetGalley service for this unbiased review.