Gearing up to publish next RescueHumor book, but need your help

Rescue Humor Book

Rescue Humor Book

A little over a year ago I released a book called “Monkey Factor: Real stories from the files of RescueHumor, volume 1. It was a book of true stories from my first two years as a police officer. All of them being a bit humorous or as one friend called them “face palm inducing”.

When I titled that book with the Volume 1 it was because I intended to release additional volumes in the future. The difference being that I wanted to make future volumes of the books focus on YOUR stories.

Problem is so far I have not gotten enough submissions from other people to release a new edition yet. So I am asking for you to help and share a story of some event that happened on duty, stories could be from any sector of public safety, police/ Fire/ EMS/ Jail/ Dispatch.

Code 9 donation

My Donation to Code 9

Part of the reason for doing this project is raise funds for donation. I am pledging at minimum 50% of the royalties to be donated to Safe Call Now. As with other times I have pledged to donate monies, I will post the receipts of donations to social media pages like Facebook.

If you are not familiar with Safe Call Now it is a public safety help line. They run a hot line that people can call 24/7 to seek help with mental health or substance abuse issues. Everyday the people at Safe Call Now are saving the lives of our brothers and sisters in uniform struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts, and addiction.

What I am looking for,

Stories that are on the entertaining side, they do not have to be laughing out loud funny but we don’t need downer type stories. Heart-warming stories that might start out sad but with a happy ending are OK.

They should be basically true. I realize that for privacy and department policy reasons some facts (like names of people involved) need to be altered. Change what you need to change just as long as the central idea of the tale is true.

Mostly looking for public safety workers stories. I will consider stories from people outside public safety, but the story needs to involve police/fire/EMS and needs to paint us in a good light.

To give the book real value we need each story to be between 500 words and 1000 words. If a story is too short it reads more like a joke. If it is too long people lose interest. The sweet spot seems to be in the 3-5 pages or 500-1000 words.

What you get for submitting,

Each person who has a story that is accepted into the book will get a free print copy of it.

That cool feeling and bragging rights that your written words are in a published book.

The charitable donation will be made in the name of all the authors, so you will be part of saving lives via helping out Safe Call Now.

I am exploring some options like Challenge Coins, which contributors would receive but would not be available to the general public – no guarantee this one will happen.

How to submit your story

Please email us MF(at) or use the submission form at our contact us page.