We only make fun of the people we like

I got a few emails about a sheriff’s deputy who took a selfie at a fire scene. The photo is not the issue it is labeling it “Darn Hose Draggers” when he posted it. Apparently the firefighters in the picture are offended by being called hose draggers.

Pike Sheriff

Photo from southernohiosocialtimes.blogspot.com

Seriously people are taking offense to what is typically good-natured ribbing?

Rhett over at the Fire Critic posted about this last night you can read his take this issue here.

As for me I don’t get why people would be upset. Not a week goes by that someone does not crack a doughnut joke when I am around. It does not offend me.

Maybe things are different in Ohio (where the photo was taken) but here in Wisconsin people working in public safety tend to give each other a hard time. The saying is “We only make fun of the people we like”. Meaning if someone is ribbing you it is because they have some level of respect for you.

It is when people are not making fun of you that you need to worry about.

Just some food for though…