I got called a cracker!

This afternoon I was walking out of the gym when I saw two young men over by a car talking in a very animated way. Both were dressed like some of our local wannabe gang-members. To get to my car I had to walk right past them. As such I could not help but to catch the conversation.


Me a cracker?

Wannabe #1 was complaining about the illegal Drunk Driving arrest he was victimized by. He said something about how because he drinks seven days a week, he is able to function at BAC of 0.12 better than others can. He then also said the police made an illegal search of his car to find the pot he was holding.

Wannabe #2 then started griping about local cops being on power trips.

It was about this time I was walking right past them. I could not help but to look at them. I wanted to remember them for future reference.

Wannabe #2 then calls me out for looking at them. “Hey cracker, best be mindin yer’ own bizzznass”.

I kept on my path to my car.

Once I had my back to them Wannabe #1 has to chime in. “That’s right cracker, you better keep walking.”

Being called “cracker” a second time caused me to turn and look at them again.

Wannabe #1 “yo’ you looking to get your ass kicked? Mind yer’ own bizznass before I comes over there and fucks you up.”

At this point I had made it to my car. I unlocked the doors and got in. At this point Wannabe #1 opens his mouth once more. “Pussy ass cracker, run off like a little bitch…”

Part of me wanted to step out and confront him.

But logic won me over. I started my car and left the parking lot.

Did I do the right thing? Is there a right thing to do?