Summer is here

Summer has come officially now! With how warm a year it has been it seems like we have been in summer for some time now. But as of June 20 we are in the real months of summer. And with summer there is a reminder to keep cool and stay hydrated…

Winter fire on a -20 day

I say this because the last few days a friend has been complaining about headaches and generally not feeling well. As we talked all I could think was being dehydrated. I asked her about drinking fluids and she said yes she was drinking plenty of fluids.

But upon follow up I found out she has been drinking ice coffe and soda pops. Yes there is water in there with how much time she is out in the sun it is not enough. So I suggested she drink some water and guess what… an hour later the headaches are gone and that general not feeling well feeling is gone.

I know my focus here is on the lighter side of public safety but every so often I need to make a serious point also. So please keep your self hydrated and if possible take some rest breaks to cool off in the summer heat.