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An open letter to Police Magazine

This morning I got the new product recommendation email from Police Magazine. Usually this email is an advertising for any of the normal police product manufactures. Today I was taken back because it was for an e-cigarette device.

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Filming the police or being a bully?

This seems to be the new version of the USA. Now all people who work in Law Enforcement are the enemy and every citizen journalist is waiting to get a viral video hit. Personally I think it is the way elected officials have reacted to various events that have created a quasi "war on the cops".

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Are you an everyday leader?

I recently saw this "Ted Talk" video. It has been around a few years already but for some reason it has never come to my attention till recently. It is great story about how everybody has the potential to jump into a leadership role in everyday activity.

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It can happen anywhere, at anytime

Two nights ago (March 24, 2015) we had two police officer shot and killed in the US. One was killed out in San Jose, CA. The other was less than 40 miles from where I sit now, down in Fond Du Lac, WI. The officer killed here in Wisconsin is actually a state trooper.

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