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Are you an everyday leader?

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I recently saw this "Ted Talk" video. It has been around a few years already but for some reason it has never come to my attention till recently. It is great story about how everybody has the potential to jump into a leadership role in everyday activity.

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It can happen anywhere, at anytime


Two nights ago (March 24, 2015) we had two police officer shot and killed in the US. One was killed out in San Jose, CA. The other was less than 40 miles from where I sit now, down in Fond Du Lac, WI. The officer killed here in Wisconsin is actually a state trooper.

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I see where lowered standards are coming from


Sit around any police department or fire house and I am sure eventually you will hear someone talk about how rookies today are not as good as years ago. Funny thing is I bet when the old timers were rookies, they also were looked down on by the senior worker at that time. Yet I am seeing some trends with our newer employees and this last week I found where it is coming from.

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