Anti police feelings have made the public think cops are no longer humans

On Friday a police officer in Wauwatosa, WI was shot during a robbery. The suspect fled police and was caught a day later hiding in the basement of a friend’s house. That friend told a local news reporter the suspect did not do anything wrong “he just shot a cop”.

Check out the news clip below, she says that at about 1 minute 20 seconds in.

Let this sink in a second. This friend knew the suspect was wanted for shooting a police officer. She tells the news reporter she saw his wanted image on TV. But in her mind she was not harboring any fugitive in her house, because he had not committed a crime.

This friend admits the suspect shot someone, but it was “just a cop”.

Okay… last I checked shooting someone was a crime. Maybe cops are no longer human. The way she talks shooting a cop is no different than shooting a rabbit, or a deer.

The narrative of the news media turning us (the police) the villains and making criminals sound like victims has gone to far. Wish I know a way to turn this around.