Attack on Dallas Police Headquarters

I am sure by now you have heard about the shooting at the the Dallas police headquarters overnight. A man in a armored truck opened fire on the building and according to some news reports also planted explosives.

Photo via Dalls PD Twitter

Photo via Dalls PD Twitter

Interesting how the tide against the police has shifted the last year. People say the police are being too militaristic and should not need things like rifles and armored vehicles.

I wonder how many of the so called “experts” who for months have been saying we need take armored cars and rifles away from police will now say the opposite. How many of these experts will be questioning how the police allowed themselves to be out gunned by this bad-guy?

This situation also makes me wonder if some in the media will admit they might have kicked off a war against the police. Their race to get a story published before an investigation is complete has cause stories to go out with half truths based on zero facts. Oh wait why would I wonder that… by the time the truth comes out something new is a viral headline and no one cares about the old news.

But getting back to the topic of Dallas. This new found hate for police is causing far too many officers to think about quitting. I know many honest, hard working officers, who are sick of being judged by the actions of a few guys who made viral headlines.

Talking to one young guy (five years as a LEO) this morning he has been thinking about applying for a job in corporate security all week. After reading about Dallas he submitted his resume today.

How many others of my brothers and sisters will this “war on the cops” will be driven away from the job?

Lucky no Dallas cops were killed. How many officers will die the next time someone gets an idea like this?