I did not pee my pants!

While working dayshift, I was catching up on reports in one of our casino parking lot. Casino Security approached me and advised me a female patron reported that a male individual attempted to urinate on her and all over the sidewalk outside the main entrance, and nearly urinated on other patrons. Security detained the individual until I arrived. I went into a room where the individual was detained. I observed a very intoxicated male wearing blue jeans that appeared to have been urinated in.

As I began to ask what happened the individual stated he urinated in the mens restroom and would never urinate in public. I told the individual he was under arrest for public intox. I then had a casino janitor fetch me a large trash bag. When I got the trash bag, I cut the bottom and wraped it around the individual like a large diaper. The man asked me what I was doing. I told him, sir you urinated in your pants. He stated “No I didn’t I peed outside in the bushes!” Great confession for his indecent exposure charge!

Final result DA dropped the public intox and individual was found guilty for the indecent exposure.


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