SWAT got Stuck

Our community recently had a hostage situation well outside of town at a rural farm house. The lane leading up to the house was a long narrow one lane driveway that was about a mile long. Multiple police, ambulance and fire vehicles had the lane completely blocked off down at the entrance from the rural highway. As negations drag on the SWAT guys deiced to load up in their armored car and take a position closer to the house. Only problem is they can’t fit down the road so they try to drive off road but promptly get stuck.

SWAT Truck

A Armored SWAT Truck

So the SWAT guys start to rock the truck into drive and reverse hoping to free it. All they do is sink it deeper and deeper. Fortunately our Fire Engine has a winch on it so we were able to hook up to the truck and reel it back onto the road.

Well all the SWAT dudes load back up. But now the truck will not start. Standing out side was can all hear the click…click…click but no sound of truck coming to life. By this time there is a circle of people fiddling with the battery and the switches in the truck. Finally one of the other firefighters craws under the truck. About a minute later he yells for them to try it. We all hear a loud crack. The firefighter under the truck laughs and said to give him a second.

About a minute goes by and all of a sudden the SWAT truck purrs to life. Amazed all the SWAT guys jump back in a drive off with out a word. As we all stand there looking someone asks “did you just hot wire the SWAT Truck”.

“Yep… wires to the starter were damaged when he got stuck.”