CopBlock demands police accountability, then complains when department holds officer accountable

CopBlock posted the below meme the other day. In it they say an officer is being disciplined for his failure to kill. In reality, the officer is being disciplined for giving a civilian a PD owned gun when on duty.

12195946_425736097629650_3201840052181757108_nAccording to legitimate news sources, a skunk had bitten a kid. There was a fear of that skunk having rabies. As such the skunk had to be killed and then set in for testing. The officer for personal reasons could not shoot the skunk.

The officer handed his gun over to a civilian. That civilian happened to be the local fire chief, who was able to shoot the animal.

Like most police departments, this agency had a policy saying a police officer will not give their gun to a citizen on duty. It has nothing to do with him NOT Killing. It is all about him not giving up possession of a firearm when on duty.

I have worked with officers who would not shoot deer or other animals after being hurt in car crashes. They would call for a second officer to do the job. Hindsight is 20/20 I know, but that is likely the best idea this officer should have taken.

The people at CopBlock obviously don’t care about facts and reality. They want to twist the idea and make it look like evil police state is punishing a cop for not being part of the evil empire.

Funny things are I know some who would argue the Fire Chief is not a true civilian thus they would not discipline the officer. Had that happen I bet CopBlock would pull out the department policy book and cry foul the police swept this violation under the rug.

Does CopBlock want police held accountable? Or Do they just want to bitch about anything and everything officers do?

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