Imagine a world without police

As I sit here today I am looking at news reports that make me wonder… is their a “war on the police”? If there is a war on police, what will we do when there are no more police?

In the last few days here are some of the news stories…

  • all-my-heroes-kill-copsAn Deputy in Texas shot when putting gas in his squad. Execution pure and simple.
  • A officer in Illinois shot, three suspects still out on the run.
  • An officer from Texas was killed off duty. Targeted at home when off duty
  • An officer in Pennsylvania stops to aid broken down car. It turns out to be an ambush and she is pushed over the embankment. (she was transported to an ER and is expected to live)
  • A Wisconsin cop responding to a fight in a neighborhood and is surrounded by on lookers who chat “We need to start killing these officers”. He escaped after taking a few punches.

Also don’t forget the multiple incidents of employees at various restaurants refusing to serve food to officers in uniform.

Many people say there is a war on the police. Some experts wonder if we can continue to recruit new police officers. How many young recruits watch what is going on and feel some other career path will be better?

I know most of the readers at this blog are basically pro-police. So this might be preaching to choir, but imagine a world with out any law enforcement. To the people who say “F**K the Police” or who call for the death of police, what will you do when you are the victim of a criminal? How bad will crime be if we did not have law enforcement? Would you truly feel safer with out guardians out patrolling the streets?

A world without LEOs is not a world I want to live in.