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Book Review: Duke City Desperado

Ever hear that saying "two wrongs make a right"... how about saying "a few rejects make a genius". Duke City Desperado is about that second quote. A few idiots who can't get anything right, yet when they come together good things happen.

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Book Review: Crash & Brun

A few weeks ago a buddy of mine asked me to help be involved in a convention he was helping to plan called the Writers Police Academy. At first I was unsure of helping at this event so he sent me links news stories and blog posts about past Writers Academy events. One was from Author Lisa Gardner talking about her new release Crash & Burn.

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Book Review: Totally Dead

I just finished up a book that is totally great, called Totally Dead. This novel by Michael Stone is about a private investigator in Denver that finds himself acting more like a body guard than investigator.

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Book Review – Shadow Boys

The Shadow Boys is an interesting book, it was a good read but one that has a number of technical flaws. Even with the flaws it was a fun read that I recommend for someone looking for a mystery that will keep you turning the pages to find out who did it

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Book Review: Hard Return

Hard Return

Publishing company Thomas & Mercer was kind enough to give me an advance copy of J. Carson Black's new novel Hard Return. This novel is the second thriller centering on Cyril Landry. The first novel in the series was called The Shop.

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