6 of the Best Arrest Stories You’ve Ever Heard

All criminals are Constitutionally entitled to a thorough and vigorous defense (Alpert Schreyer), but what happens when the circumstances of their crime are…well, a little hard to believe? We’ve all heard of arrests being made for strange reasons. But from ridiculous excuses to taking child discipline a little too seriously, these stories take the cake.

Whatever Floats Your Goat

In Ilorin, Nigeria, several men fled from their attempted armed robbery of a vehicle. A vigilante group was ready to catch one of them but he “turned into a goat.” The group claimed that the goat was one of the attempted car thieves, who used witchcraft, and was arrested. The goat stayed in custody until the investigation was over. He had no comment on the arrest.

Do Not Open Before Christmas

In 2006, a 12-year old boy’s mother called the police on her son to report that he had opened one of his Christmas present’s without her permission. The boy was charged with petty larceny. His mother had hopes that the arrest would improve his behavior at home and school.

Doggy Driver

33 year-old Christina Anne Marie Lamoreaux hit an apartment building and fled the scene. When police showed up to her house she claimed that it was her K9 that caused her to wreck and that he should be locked up. The very hostile woman refused a Breathalyzer test and was arrested. The dog has gotten no charges.


Back in 2002, James Meyers rented a VHS tape and forgot all about it. A warrant was issued for his arrest soon after. Unaware of the warrant, Meyers was pulled over in 2016 and forced to turn himself into the police. He was charged for a class 3 misdemeanor, all over a movie titled, “Freddy Got Fingered.”

Cheaters Never Prosper

Everyone looks at their lover’s phone sometimes. Leon Walker had suspicions that his wife had been cheating. After checking her email on their home computer, the suspicions were confirmed. He was charged with hacking and attempting to access a confidential law enforcement database. All charges were dropped thanks to his lawyer Leon Weiss. Weiss hopes that the popularity of this case will inspire the Michigan Legislature to pass the Anti-Hacking Statute, which would exclude prosecution of spouses and parents who look at the family’s social media.

Don’t Stop The Music

Sometimes you just really get down to a song. A New Hampshire woman was arrested 4 different times within 26 hours for listening to “Highway to Hell” repetitively as well as other loud music. One of the arrests was due to her throwing a frying pan at her nephew, but hey, music does that to you sometimes.