555 fitness shows you don’t need a fancy gym to keep in shape

Almost 50% of firefighter line of duty deaths are due to heart attack. Maintaining good levels of fitness can help to reduce the risks heart disease. Unfortunately many people find excuses for not working out.

Some people say they don’t have access to a gym.
Others say they don’t have the right equipment or it is out of date.
Sometimes folks feel even if they have a gym they don’t know what movements to do.

The crew at 555 Fitness wants to change that. They are on a mission to both educate and equip firefighters to keep them in shape. They post daily workout routines, many using nothing but the gear found in any firehouse. In addition they have a grant program to help purchase workout equipment.

The video below shows one of their functional workouts.

As someone who got back into fitness a few years ago I have become a big fan of functional fitness. Movements that mimic what we might do on duty help ready our body for action. Carrying objects, pushing or dragging weights, climbing, jumping, hanging, and other movements that relate to activity done on calls.