Something new for RescueHumor

About five years back I noticed my uniform pants were getting tight and had to order a size larger. I was not in the new uniform very long when it too started feeling tight. At my annual physical I stepped on the scale and was 220lbs. As male standing right around 5’10” that was a tad overweight.

It was a tipping point for me. Most of my life I was always basically in shape. But slowly after becoming an officer, I started working out less and less. I also started to drink more and more. It was time for a change.

On my Facebook page, I talked about getting back into shape and also eluded to it here in some blog post. With some changes in how I eat, working out more often and drinking less I dropped fifty (50) pounds in one year. Over the last few years, I have kept that weight off.

Today I weigh in at about 160. At one point I was down to 150. Agency administration took note of my transformation and asked if I wanted to be involved in the pre-employment fitness testing and officer wellness program. I jumped at the chance and now hold multiple personal and group fitness certifications. Right now I am in the middle of taking a class to be a certified nutritionist.

Why do I bring this up? Becuase I plan to make a minor change to RescueHumor. My goal in starting this web page way back in 2003 was for stress relief. Wellness is also a form of stress relief. Don’t worry I am not turning this into some fitness blog. I am however going to try to post something two or three times a month about general fitness for folks working public safety.

Also, don’t worry the Facebook page is not going to become some fitness-focused site. It will still be focused on entertaining and heart-warming events that take place in public safety. I would like to invite you to a Facebook group I set up for RescueHumor fans looking share fitness/wellness ideas. Feel free to join it here.