Driver pulls away from traffic stop, hits squad car and almost kills a cop

The driver was pulled over for speeding. During the contact she decided she was no longer going to be compliant, drops the car into gear and hits the gas.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Kevina D. Freeman, 23, faces five felonies in the incident: two counts of reckless endangerment, two counts of harming someone while fleeing police and one count of damaging property (the squad car) while fleeing.

I think this video is an important illistration as to the fact a car is a deadly weapon. Every so often officers are forced to shot someone in a car that is trying to drive into or hit officers. At all these events the media bemoans the shooting and points out the suspect was “unarmed”. This shows just how easy someone can be killed by a car. Lucky none of these LEOs lost their lives.

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