Teachable moment from A** Hole driver

A few days ago we posted some photos from the Indianapolis FD showing a SUV kinking a the supply hose at an active fire call. The folks at Keep Calm and Train Your Rookie used that image as a great teachable moment.

In the initial post I did not offer my personal views of what I would have done. I did however acknowledge that I knew many people who would have enjoyed breaking the windows, just like in the movie Backdraft.

Also note they are assuming the SUV was there and Indy Fire hooked up and kinked their own hose. The photos were sent to me with the story of the drive pulled up later to the curb pushing the hose out of the way. But still how long would it take to un-hook the hose and wrap the hydrant then re-hook, versus smashing windows, moving hose through the vehicle and then re-hooking….

Sometime it is easy to fall into the trap of emotion in a situation. But as you can see sometimes there is a faster and easier way also…

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