This is why police shoot “unarmed” suspects.

Serious post time…

Over the weekend Officer Stephanie Wiener from Appleton, WI was shot with her own gun. This afternoon she was discharged from the hospital. You can check out the emotional video of her exiting the hospital below.

Appleton is a close to me. I know Stephanie. So this incident has been been hard. It does however, show how fast a fight happens and how unarmed people become armed with suprising speed.

It started off as a retail theft complaint. Two diffrent gas stations reported a person had stolen cigrettes. Officer Wiener saw a person matching the suspect’s discription and stopped. A fight kicked off right away. She used her TASER and it did not slow his attack. He got her gun and shot her in the hip area.

A citizen appraoched the scene and was shot also. Before backup could arrived the suspect took his own life.

Just that fast. In seconds it went from minor theft to fight for your life.

The local media has mentioned she was shot after the suspect got her gun. But they gloss over that fact as if it is not important to the story. Also, I have yet to see this story out in the national main stream media. The national media love to highlight stories when an officer shots someone who was “unarmed”. So why this media balckout on an unarmed suspect becoming armed?

I have a feeling it has something to do with the fact it does not play into the narrative about cops being trigger happy bullies.

Stepahnie happy to see you are home now. Heal up and hope to see you back on the street soon!

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