Officer returns to duty from injury after six months, his first arrest is the guy who hurt him

Officer Adrian Alan from the Madison, WI police department had his leg broken six months ago on duty. This week he is back on duty. Soon after returning to duty he made a traffic stop at the spot his leg was broken, ironically on the guy who broke his leg.

According to Channel 3000 news.

“Almost on the exact same spot where this happened and I paused for about 10 seconds, and this Buick just blew by me in the left lane probably doing 70 to 75 miles per hour, and I thought that was odd and I ran the plate and it came back as stolen,” Alan said.

When Alan stopped that car on the Beltline, he discovered the driver was Robert Brandon [The person who hurt officer Alan].

“I think we were both pretty equally surprised. I’m guessing he was a little more surprised than I was,” Alan said.

Good to have you back to work Officer Alan and great work finding the guy who hurt you.

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