Silence is Deafening – part 2

Serious post time again…

Last week I did a post about multiple police killed in a two-day time. The lack of any statement from our leadership over that issues was sad. The lack of coverage in mainstream media was almost as sad.

Today I find myself pissed off about something else that is being ignored. The Memorial to fallen police officers in Denver was vandalised, AGAIN. Red paint was splashed on the memorial. The only new story so far I have seen about it is a post on Facebook from News Channel 13 (embedded below).

A memorial for fallen Denver police officers has been defaced with red paint for a second time.

Posted by KRDO NewsChannel 13 / on Monday, February 15, 2016

Seriously this is it. The ONLY news I can find talking about this damage to the Denver Police memorail. A lone photo and one sentance on Facebook. It is almost like no one cares.

Once again this is only being shared by pro-police pages and by people who support the police.

Last week was a massively deadly week for police officers. The president has not said a word. Most of the people running for election have not said a word.

When someone commits a crime and is shot by the cops all the politicians want to find a reason to blame the police. They say we need more training. In some respects, they fan the flames of the anti-police movement.

Yet when we die at the hands of thugs, nothing. No calls for people to remember that the main mission of the police is to do good. Just silence.

Sorry folks, that silence has given a louder voice to the anti-police movements. Why else after a week of cops being killed would someone think it okay to pour red paint on a monument for dead officers?

To my fellow LEOs, I say this. Stand tall, be proud, and watch each others backs. Like I said before… We don’t do what we do for praise or glory. We do it because it is a calling. Keep doing the good work you do, and please make it home at the end of your shifts!

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