Observant officer finds missing 3-year old in freezing parking lot

As a LEO, I can’t tell you how many times someone has pointed at me and told their kids to “Be good or that mean cop will arrest you”. When the situation allows I will go approach and try to explain the reality and ask them not to fear us.

Here is a prime example of an officer doing good work and helping a child. This is the message parents need to give kids. The idea we will come and we will help. Check out this body camera footage of an officer finding a lost 3-year-old.

According to KOAT news

“Caraline Leon-Alcocar, 3, was inside a car that was stolen around 8 p.m. from a Smith’s parking lot on Lomas and San Pedro. Authorities said the mother turned around briefly to run an errand and the car was gone.

Police found the stolen vehicle shortly after the theft, but Caraline was not inside. At one point on Saturday, an Amber Alert was issued. Officer Chris Poccia eventually found Caraline sitting alone in a parking lot near the intersection of Indian School Road and San Mateo Boulevard.

“(She was) just a small purple dot in a sea of concrete,” Drobik said. The spotlight from Poccia’s patrol car lit up that dot. “Due to the temperature and the time, when I first saw it, I was afraid that it was going to be a tragic scene, and thankfully it wasn’t,” he said. Poccia ran to the shivering toddler, picked her up and loaded her into his police car. He insists that he’s no hero.

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