Dash and Body cam footage shows officer did not Racial Profile College Professor

Professor Roychoudhuri was pulled over on Route 15 in Connecticut a few months ago and cited for an unsafe lane change. Roychoudhuri fought this infraction, saying that she was unfairly and racially profiled by the state trooper.

This professor happens to teach college level classes on diversity. Meaning someone who asks others to be more open and accepting to others showed her prejudices.

She filed an official complaint against the officer. Her complaint said he never told her the reason for the stop and insulted her by asking if she speaks english. A review of the dash and body cameras show her complaint is false.

Now she is facing charges of filing a false police report.

I wish more agencies would go after the people who file false complaints. Groups like CopBlock encourage members to go out and try to goad police into fights. Then file complaints and civil lawsuits to try to get money from the police. We need to turn the tables on these false complaint filers, and show our communities don’t believe the hype.

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