Drones prevented fire attack from the air

Today seems to be talk about citizen journalist day

A wild fire close to the 15 Freeway in California was set to be attacked from the air. Planes and helicopters had to turn away due to drones in their airspace. The delay in the attack allowed the fire to jump the highway setting multiple vehicles on fire.

Check out the footage of the fire from PhillyFirenews

According to the news report there were multiple drones in the air before the arrival of the tankers. Once the air units came all but two drones vanished. The two that stayed hindered the air units forcing a twenty minute delay in firefighting.

I will be interested to see if someone tries to sell video from these two drones. If so will there be some legal issue for them related to the spreading of the fire.

Selfish desire for a few seconds of fame and some quick cash seems to be trumping public safety lately. What do you think?

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