Book Review – Duke City Hit

Duke City Hit

Duke City Hit

When I saw the description for Duke City Hit I thought it would be a good read. In reality it was much better than I assumed it would be.

This book is published by Alibi a “digital only” subsidiary of the Random House Publications. Meaning this book is only sold as an eBook. Don’t let that scare you away, because it is still a good quality read.

The story is about a hit man. He works for a bail bonds company which makes a good cover and legitimate income source for someone in the assassination field. Right from the start Vic, the main charter, is stalking his prey.

Vic though encounters a hiccup. Someone else has killed his target. Soon enough he finds he has competition at a second hit. Before the story is over Vic will have to not only find out who this other hit man is, he will deal with a kidnapper, and have to take a contract on a seemingly impossible target.

This story was fun. It was interesting and hope the author writes more. It was a fast read, I was able to read it when traveling for the Christmas holiday. Currently Amazon has it listed for $2.99 and I would say it is worth every penny!

A review copy of the book was provided free via NetGalley for this unbiased review