Business owner takes care of employees after fire

Here is a little feel good story about what happens after the fire crews left a fire scene…

Culver's fire scene

Culver’s fire scene

Platteville Wisconsin is home to one of the campuses for the University Wisconsin system. That campus has the largest and most well respected Criminal Justice programs in the state.

I went to college at Platteville. As a student I was a member of their Volunteer Fire department. As a young man one of my favorite places to eat was a restaurant called Culvers. At that time Cluvers was a very small chain of fast food places located only in Wisconsin. Now the franchise has grown to cover all the upper midwest and locations in many other states also.

Last year the Platteville Cluvers had a fire. Despite aggressive attack by the local Firefighters the building was a total loss. What was left needed to be torn down and completely rebuilt. The rebuilding process took six months. The insurance company was only willing to pay employee salaries for two months.

So for four months the owner paid his employee’s wages. Out of his own pocket he spent over $140,000.

This week he was recognized on the Steve Harvey show for his generosity. Check out the news clip embedded below.

It has been decades since I was a member of Platteville’s Fire Department. I know that because I was a regular customer in college I have meet the owner of that local franchise. So it is a great privilege to have served on such a great department and supported an amazing business owner.

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