Public Safety Announcement

Not Pockets

She does not work at my PD

About two weeks ago one of the front desk workers at the PD was complaining about how a lady came into pay some outstanding parking tickets. The clerk totaled up the handful of tickets and told the citizen the total amount needed. This citizen then reached into her top of her V-Neck shirt and pulled a credit card out of her bra.

Our clerk was totally disgusted by this. For days she was complaining about how that credit card had booby sweat on it. Seriously once the citizen left the desk clerk disinfected the credit card machine.

So last night someone found the below video from a girl who is a cashier at some retail store and it is being forwarded around the department like crazy. Some of the language might be a bit unsafe for work… but I think many of you will enjoy it.



There have been a few times when working patrol I had women pull their DL out of their Bra. Then again I tend to have on gloves when dealing with the public so the issue of “booby sweat” never exactly crossed my mind.

How about others out there, what are your feelings on this topic?